The Few Against Many - Sot (CD)

The Few Against Many - Sot (CD)

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With a solid unit of stellar and renowned names in THE FEW AGAINST MANY, featuring Par Johansson (Satariel), Patrik Gardberg (Torchbearer), Jani Stefanovic (Miseration, Solution .45, etc) and Anders Edlund (Incapacity, Angel Blake, etc), "Sot" is a debut album that no fan of precision-structured and immaculately arranged songs would want to miss; Prog / Tech-heads will rejoice by musicianship of such caliber.


Track listing

  1. Hadanfard
  2. Brand mark
  3. Blod
  4. Skapelsens sorti
  5. Sot
  6. Abider
  7. Heresi
  8. One with the Shadow


Sot has no ballads, no interludes or fruity injects, no clean vocals, just very sturdy, riff based death metal with a hint of melody, sweeping keyboards and Alvestam's gruff growls. It's a little more direct, brutal and in your face than Miseration and certainly far more vicious and bruising than Scar Symmetry, often bordering on traditional death metal. - 4/5