Vilifier - Ritual Obscuration (Digipak CD)

Vilifier - Ritual Obscuration (Digipak CD)

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Ancient, obscure and ritualistic Black Metal of death from Brisbane, Australia. With member of LUSTRATION.
As a rough comparison, VILIFIER could be compared to a mix of VASSAFOR, early DIOCLETIAN, with the primitive hatred of LUSTRATION!


Track listing

  1. Bloodvomit Evocation
  2. Lacerated Flesh of the Ancient Wisdom
  3. Ritual Obscuration
  4. Twilight Dancer of Cosmic Devastation


You won't really find much, if any melody beyond the lower rumbling riffs, but the end result is a cavernous sounding filth-ridden release, and given Australia's history of war metal and black/death/thrash metal bands, it really shouldn't be any other way. Vilifier is sure to appeal to all fans of truly putrid death metal, so this is one release you don't want to miss out on. - 4/5