Guerra Total - El armagedon continua (CD)

Guerra Total - El armagedon continua (CD)

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Black speed rock n roll!


Track listing

  1. Gritos del holocausto final (Intro)
  2. Nuklear Zombie Division
  3. Post apocalíptica
  4. Bestial Evil Genocide
  5. El armagedón continúa
  6. Misanthropist God
  7. Grande messe des morts
  8. Satan's Army of the Apocalypse
  9. El color que cayó del cielo
  10. Black Speed Rock and Roll


I'm not going to claim that there is anything new or innovative here. But what you do get is ten cracking thrash songs characterized by fast riffing with lightning melodic flourishes of notes hanging off the end of every one. Songs like 'Misanthropist God', 'Satan's Army Of The Apocalypse', 'El Color Cayo Del Cielo' and 'Nuklear Zombie Division' kind of sound exactly like they should sound: Fast, spiky, heavy but not made from concrete and resplendent with whiplash and hooks. Really it's just a great old skool riot in here with breakout lead work, the sparse bit of slower time swiftly swamped by the amphetamine fueled guitar rush and just a total abandonment of anything since about 1993. It's just such a rush and such fun that you can't help but embrace them. - 4/5