Nocturnal Feelings - Baarkant (CD)

Nocturnal Feelings - Baarkant (CD)

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NOCTURNAL FEELINGS Baarkant is the fifth album from this Colombian black metal horde. This album is considered their best production by many. Keeping their line of underground black metal, Baarkant is a powerful mixture between nostalgy and destruction, a combination that moves the most inner self of one's mood. This is a musical production that will not come out unnoticed for the ears of the black metal lovers.


Track listing

  1. Falak
  2. Erebo
  3. Satanás
  4. A King from the Dark Age
  5. Baarkant
  6. Invocación
  7. The Age of the Snake
  8. Where Powers Converge
  9. Alienado
  10. Arribo al infierno