Organismos - Manejos invisibles (CD)

Organismos - Manejos invisibles (CD)

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Second full length album Manejos Invisibles, has unveiled a neat unpolished metallic gem abruptly but coherently crafted, building bridges between the cities of Medellin and Antioquia where its members are located and come from. Blending the unbelievable violence of the South American underground sound while allowing the interference of certain and nailed experimental licences, it could shock the listener and results a juxtaposition difficult to believe or understand, but which with truly ends up assembling completely. Ex ATAQUE DE SONIDO & PARABELLUM members.


Track listing

  1. Intro-Supercuerdas
  2. Vertical-Horizontal
  3. Manejos Invisibles
  4. Ojos Gelidos
  5. Los Faros de Sombra Negra
  6. Tormenta de Fuego
  7. Larvas
  8. Que Importa
  9. Presente Robado
  10. Ecos al Final del Milenio