Avenger - Feast of Anger / Joy of Despair (CD)

Avenger - Feast of Anger / Joy of Despair (CD)

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Czech black death metal. Fourth album. AVENGER are now known as BOHEMYST.


Track listing

  1. Zrození múzy (The Birth of Muse)
  2. Jen pro tu dnešní noc... (Just For This Night...)
  3. Hlasy deliria (Voices of Delirium)
  4. Vitriol
  5. Radost z beznaděje (Joy of Despair)
  6. Rituál hněvu (Ritual of Wrath)
  7. Zajat věčnou nocí (Captured By Eternal Night)
  8. Neschopen (Unable)
  9. Oslava vzteku (Feast of Anger)