Gorgonea Prima - Black Coal Depression (Digipak CD)

Gorgonea Prima - Black Coal Depression (Digipak CD)

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Electro-industrial black metal! Unique record full of dark beats and glacial coldness of mankind's cyber-netic future.


Track listing

  1. Daylight Pollution
  2. Blast Furnace
  3. Corroded Landscape
  4. Eclipsed by the Sun
  5. Biomechanic Soul
  6. Predestination of Spectacular Being
  7. 100 Years of Industrial Burial
  8. Digital Desire


Black Coal Depression is a MUST hear for anyone looking for industrial metal of any type. The fact that Blacklodge’s MachiNation came out in 2012 and sounds a bit like this (in an off-sort of way) should clue any fan of the genre in as to how underrated this album is. Hopefully lineup changes within Gorgonea Prima don’t stifle the quality of whatever else they might be planning on putting out in mankind's very bleak coming future. - 5/5