Mortify - Stench of Swedish Buzzsaw (Digisleeve CD)

Mortify - Stench of Swedish Buzzsaw (Digisleeve CD)

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MORTIFY is the grinding supergroup featuring Koreeda (ex COFFINS, TRIKORONA) on guitar, Ryohei (FINAL EXIT, SU19B) on drums and Adam (DISROTTED, SICK, TIRED) on vocals. They play old school grind core with a touch of HM-2 Swedish death metal flavor. Their songs are short (usually less than 1 minute!) angry and you will absolutely have your face ripped completely off with the taste of their buzzsaw grind. First full album - 21 songs in 12min! Japanese edition with exclusive bonus track.


Track listing

  1. The Masticator
  2. Regurgitation of Kidney Sludge
  3. Stinking Grave
  4. Urine Burial
  5. Maggot Jacket
  6. Chewing on Cysts
  7. Meat Drawer
  8. Melting Friends
  9. Vicious
  10. Flesh Creep
  11. In My Coffin
  12. Toe Sucker
  13. Foul Odor
  14. Whiffs
  15. Excretions
  16. Stew Sipper
  17. Sickle and Drill
  18. Oozing
  19. Slime Days
  20. Rigor Mortis Teens
  21. Give It Back (Disrupt cover) Bonus