Solgrav / F - Kaksi Perkeletta (CD)

Solgrav / F - Kaksi Perkeletta (CD)

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The split-CD between Solgrav and F (formerly known as Fornjotr), which was planned for a long time. Proud Finnish heathen / wilderness metal meets Finnish ultra-brutal death metal! Comes with fully coloured booklet and full lyrics. "Kristallitaivas" was originally released on SOLGRAV's first demo in 2002, and has now been re-recorded for this release.


Track listing

  1. Solgrav - Vuoksi
  2. Solgrav - Kaksi sutta
  3. Solgrav - Kristallitaivas
  4. F - Perkele
  5. F - Sokea
  6. F - Irti
  7. F - Kauhusta hautaansa kaivaa