Vainaja - Kadotetut (Digipak CD)

Vainaja - Kadotetut (Digipak CD)

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VAINAJA is a three-headed metal band from Finland. Taking influences from early 90's death metal and doom, their debut album Kadotetut is one of the heaviest records ever made in the Finnish language. Besides the crushing riffs and dark melodies, the album's concept is based on encrypted true events from the past.


Track listing

  1. Lankeemus
  2. Vaaran ristin valtakunta
  3. Kahleiden kantaja
  4. Valon lapset
  5. Henkikaste
  6. Verinen lahde
  7. Risti kadessani
  8. Viimeinen tuomio
  9. Kadotettu


Most of the press circling around Vainaja's debut touts that it is the heaviest album ever made in the Finnish language. Perhaps, but Kadotetut's allure is not really in its intrinsic heaviness or technical virtuosity but rather, in its magnificent execution. Even though every one of these songs are heavy as fuck in themselves, you get the sense that at least structurally, they retain more of their potency when interconnected, which lends to the album's overall lyrical concept. Vainaja have all the earmarks of a band who are extremely confident in their death-doom craft, and the net result is a record that will surely to go down as one of this year's best. Highly recommended. - 4/5