Ataraxie / Imindain - Bethlehems Bastarde (CD)

Ataraxie / Imindain - Bethlehems Bastarde (CD)

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UK / French doom metal split. Both bands contribute a BETHLEHEM cover and original material exclusive to this CD! Both BETHLEHEM covers are from their unbelieveable album Dictius Te Necare.


Track listing

  1. Ataraxie - Aphel - Die schwarze Schlange (Bethlehem cover)
  2. Ataraxie - Der bärtige Masochist
  3. Imindain - Strangle Me
  4. Imindain - Selbstmord
  5. Imindain - Tagebuch einer Totgeburt (Bethlehem cover)


With Imindain, we come to more convincing stuff; I dare say, more sensuous. The texture sounds more "human", it's less calculated and less demonstrative. Ataraxie's little recipe is always a bit the same. The English deliver some more organic flow which is better articulated and more coherent where the French, on the other hand, pile up breaks and rhythm changes too abruptly. - 3/5