The Crawling - Wolves and the Hideous White (CD)

The Crawling - Wolves and the Hideous White (CD)

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Wolves and the Hideous White is an evolution from the debut album, and transcended from misery into disgust. I have continued to explore human emotions, and as always, our music is inspired by what I see in the world that surrounds me. We live in an age where people have become detached from each other, but the inherent craving to be with someone is overwhelming. As a species we are programmed to search for a mate, and the majority will sacrifice anything to get it; including themselves. This album came together quite quickly, and was created with extremely focused efforts. The music, lyrics, and content reflects this with a more venomous edge than what came before.


Track listing

  1. Wolves and the Hideous White
  2. Still No Sun
  3. Drowned in Shallow Water
  4. A Time for Broken Things
  5. Rancid Harmony
  6. Promises and Parasites