Circle of Ouroborus - Streams (LP)

Circle of Ouroborus - Streams (LP)

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Second CoO full-length available on vinyl. A unique mix of lo-fi (black) metal and post-punk. Gloomier and more coherent than its predecessor. Not only the presentation (completely new lay-out & 20 page A4 booklet), but also the format adds a lot to the whole, highlighting the bilateral differences of the vinyls sides and their overall unity.


Track listing

  1. Wounds Are So Indifferent
  2. Streams to Depression
  3. The Rotten Temple
  4. The End
  5. Timbre Noir Part 3
  6. Chained Howl
  7. Visions of the Dead Serpent
  8. Anonym
  9. Song of Silence