Znich - Pagan Crosses (Крыжы-абярэгі) (CD)

Znich - Pagan Crosses (Крыжы-абярэгі) (CD)

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Pagan metal from Belarus, a great album from 2007. Crunching melodic heavy / death metal guitars with slower-mid paced drums, keyboard, violin and traditional bagpipes throughout. Vocals are generally death growls but do include, definitely underused, natively sung passages.


Track listing

  1. Крыва-крывейта
  2. Крыжи-абярэгi
  3. Пад чорнай вiшнёй
  4. Мы сыны вялiкiх багоу
  5. Ой дымна за дваром
  6. Ценi
  7. Беларусь
  8. Хай палюбiць
  9. Чорны зьнiч
  10. Паганскi вiр
  11. Ой пушчу стралу