Hexvessel - Dawnbearer (CD)

Hexvessel - Dawnbearer (CD)

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A personal and intensely dark trip of unusual compositions, using organically recorded instruments such as sawblade, harmonium, zither, gongs, harp, mellotron, mandolin and bandoneon. Otherworldly folk, with an uncanny, haunting resonance that will undoubtably surprise fans of McNerney's past work with black metal bands such as DODHEIMSGARD and CODE. For admirers of CHANGES, WOVEN HAND, ESPERS, MIDLAKE & COMUS.


Track listing

  1. Invocation Summoning
  2. Heart of the Mind World
  3. Scarlet Cassocks
  4. The Death Knell Tolls
  5. A Cabalist Under the Gallows
  6. I am the Ritual
  7. Radiant Transcendent
  8. Wayward Confessor
  9. Diamonds
  10. A Stranger's Grave
  11. Conversations with Rosa
  12. The Tunnel at the End of the Light
  13. Solomon's Song
  14. Wychwood Shrine
  15. Oracle of the Starlit Dawn


Once the album gets into the blood of the listener, it will start unraveling recollections from the subconscious which could have remained buried forever, might those belong to distant, breathtaking childhood moments such as the first time one saw the sea, the uneasy eeriness of the dark stone church one visited on Sundays, the first time one felt the stirring yearning of sexuality - or to later magical instants, such the sudden perception of one's glowing self-awareness while taking a lonely walk through the still, dew-scented countryside. I cannot guarantee miracles, but if you let Kvohst's seducing spell work through you, "Dawnbearer" will bring an intense transcendental moment into your life too. - 5/5