Buckshot Facelift - Ulcer Island (CD)

Buckshot Facelift - Ulcer Island (CD)

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NY grind.


Track listing

  1. Ulcer Island
  2. Czech Yourself
  3. Afterbirth Puzzle
  4. Ascend to Descend
  5. Burn the Baby Raper
  6. OxyDocs
  7. Sundress Skeletor
  8. Comptroller Cult
  9. What Does Fergus Dream Of?
  10. Hell Eats Repetition (Goodbye)
  11. Don't Hang from the Pipes
  12. Weathered Mask of Autumn (Unearthing the Armless)
  13. Delusions of a New Age
  14. Dustification (End Times Version)
  15. A Trophy Cup Intoxicant