Harm - The Evil (CD)

Harm - The Evil (CD)

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Old school death metal from Berlin.


Track listing

  1. Vlad the Impaler
  2. Knife Penetration
  3. The Evil
  4. Undead World Crusade
  5. City of the Dead
  6. God Forgives - My Chainsaw Not
  7. Gutted like a Dear
  8. Dead Body Love
  9. First Blood 1918
  10. Panzer Apocalypse


Harm are definitely influenced by Swedish death metal, and the chainsaws are being revved up as we speak, there's more than just that here. This new album is a little different to their debut, as The Evil has a bit more of an Obituary influence in the sound and style of the songs, alongside the other influences that we originally saw on Cadaver Christi, of course. - 3/5