Ianai - Sunir (Digipak CD)

Ianai - Sunir (Digipak CD)

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While the physical manifestation of this album has been years in the making, IANAI decided to pierce the veil during a time when the world was imprisoned and suffering unimaginable loss. As the album progresses, listeners transcend through the instrumentation of Scandinavia, Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America. And while IANAI walks a long path, winding through the earth, IANAI does not walk alone, but seeks to share and learn, collaborate and conceive, music and art. From celestial harmonies to earthly delights, IANAI's music is a reflection of both the worldly and otherworldly. Channeled through the vessel of the spirit Trevenial, the music voices in tongues long forgotten, singing the songs of the sons of god and the daughters of men. In a language unspoken on this plane, yet unmistakable in its meaning, IANAI embodies the freedom we seek and the ability to achieve that fluidity.

In his music, IANAI is joined by a cohort of musicians from the world music scene and classical orchestras but also people from modern bands such as: MASSIVE ATTACK, CLIENT, HIM, SISTERS OF MERCY, THEODOR BASTARD, LORD OF THE LOST, SWALLOW THE SUN, SOUVENIR SEASON and THE RASMUS.
The album is produced by Jaani Peuhu (SWALLOW THE SUN, ICONCRASH, MERCURY CIRCLE) and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios (GHOST, ULVER, PARADISE LOST).


Track listing

  1. Savoj icoil
  2. Elitha
  3. Manda navaja
  4. Anaia
  5. Sunir
  6. Khaalo
  7. Vasariah
  8. O'zana
  9. Akrar adi're
  10. Incheronia
  11. Ovu Lusta
  12. Samovela