Ison - Inner-Space (Cassette)

Ison - Inner-Space (Cassette)

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Inner-Space is the first full lenght album by ISON, namely Daniel Änghede (CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, HEARTS OF BLACK SCIENCE, live bassist of DRACONIAN) and Heike Langhans (DRACONIAN, :LOR3L3I:), a couple both on stage and in life. The two multi-instrumentalists keep on developing the inimitable sound they have been crafting in the last four years and eventually reach the landmark of a full-length studio album, as Inner-Space consists of eight tracks, for a total playing time of over an hour.
ISON fascination for the astral plane is here just as evident, and dreamy and thoughtful otherworldly soundscapes will take you off-planet, wandering in outer space. Downtempo tunes and soft darkwave, goth grafts are the pillars on which the duo builds guitar drones and effects, and Langhans’s voice is Inner-Space final, ethereal seal.
ALCEST singer and mastermind Neige is guest vocalist on "Radiance".


Track listing

  1. Inner - Space
  2. Radiance
  3. Equals
  4. ISAE
  5. Shipwrecks
  6. The Fifth World
  7. Everything's About To Change Forever
  8. A Golden Force