Laja Aijala & Albert Witchfinder - Ordeal & Triumph (CD)

Laja Aijala & Albert Witchfinder - Ordeal & Triumph (CD)

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The second offering from Läjä Äijälä (TERVEET KÄDET, AAVIKON KONE JA MOOTTORI, DEATH TRIP, LEO BUGARILOVES) and Albert Witchfinder (REVEREND BIZARRE, OPIUM WARLORDS, THE PURITAN, AZRAEL RISING). Bit more musical than the first one, but still uncompromising, extreme and merciless. Witchfinder's chants about the wrecthed human race laid upon Äijälä's cold minimalist electronic outbursts create a suffocating infusion of hatred and disgust able to carry the listener to the verges of the burning world.


Track listing

  1. Phobos, including Electric, Matrix, Them and Foetus
  2. Deimos, including Twilight World, Pit and Digitalis
  3. Oberon, including Labyrinths of Earthworms and Purification