Sanctus Daemoneon - Grey Metropolis (CD)

Sanctus Daemoneon - Grey Metropolis (CD)

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Using all the trappings, even a few 'chords', from black metal and doom S.D. craft their own ambient, freeform material. It's hard to grasp a real structure which aligns them with other black metal / ambient bands like ABRUPTUM, minus the violence. The sounds are far more contemplative here. Experimental music, the kind you would often find without vocals so their inclusion is of added interest. Grey Metropolis is the first release by SANCTUS DAEMONEON who have more soon to come.


Track listing

  1. Fate Arising
  2. Underneath the Skin
  3. Bleak Clarity
  4. Facing the Architect
  5. The All-Seeing Enigma
  6. Little Black Tongues
  7. Grey Metropolis
  8. Puzzled