Paganland - Fatherland (CD)

Paganland - Fatherland (CD)

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Second album of epic Ukrainian pagan metal!


Track listing

  1. Світанок нової доби (The Dawn of a New Era)
  2. Голос Карпат (The Voice of the Carpathians)
  3. Крізь холод зими (Through the Winter Coldness)
  4. Зоряний шлях (Stellar Path)
  5. Слово рідне, орле скутий (Native Word! Shackled Eagle!)
  6. Незгасле полум'я слави (The Eternal Fire of Fame)
  7. Вітчизна (Fatherland)


With a strong epic taste, Paganland have Ruen's keyboards as main role which doesn't get limited to launch only one type of sound at each time; that is, there are arrangements in which we can listen to several variations and melodies - all of it combined in a splendorous harmony. That epic side that's so well-known in Paganland's music is able to create cinematographic canvas, but also landscapes and mental images of the Slavonic brave Middle Ages. - 4/5