Lie - You Want it Real (Digipak CD)

Lie - You Want it Real (Digipak CD)

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You Want It Real, the band's fourth album, expands on previous themes with an assured intensity and plenty of world-weary lyrics. Sonically, LIÉ's recordings have unleashed the full-bore wall of sound that's present in their live shows. That's due in part to the work of legendary punk producer Jesse Gander (WHITE LUNG, JAPANDROIDS), who has helped unlock a further disharmony of melody and feedback in the band's relentless aggression.

Musically, the sheer thrill of the album is the trio's ability to build enormous and complex compositions within the constraints of a traditional punk structure. The members of LIÉ are no strangers to finding the beauty within rigidity, as Luk and West moonlight in the respective acid/rave/techno projects Minimal Violence and Sigsaly. While that influence is not immediately obvious in LIÉ, the ability to think outside the box has proven contagious. "It makes you think outside of the typical rock song structure" drummer Kati J says regarding the ways electronic music has inspired the band.

Armed with aesthetic assuredness, relentless musicianship and lyrics that are at once bleak and empowering, there are few bands on earth quite like LIÉ. And with You Want It Real, they've made their most challenging and cohesive statement to date.


Track listing

  1. Digging in the Desert
  2. All Night Long
  3. Bugs
  4. Good Boy
  5. You Got It
  6. Drowning in Piss
  7. Fantasy of Destructive Force
  8. LSD