Ignominious - The Throne and the Altar (CD)

Ignominious - The Throne and the Altar (CD)

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Ignominious formed in 2007 by Mephyriz (bass / vocals), Haermoth (guitar), Netherial (guitar) and Alastor (drums). After two self-released demos Hidden Marly Productions released their debut album Death Walks Amongst Mortals in 2011. 5 years have passed and their second attack The Throne and the Altar is here. It spreads melancholy and decay through its fast-paced, cruel, melodic and aggressive way. All music and lyrics written by Mephyriz in the same vein as mid-90's northern black metal.


Track listing

  1. Sacrilege
  2. Kneeling King
  3. Burning Priest
  4. The Throne and the Altar
  5. Foul Feast
  6. Resurrection
  7. Sun Shall Sleep Eternally
  8. Disappearance