Abusiveness / Saltus - Nowa era (CD)

Abusiveness / Saltus - Nowa era (CD)

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Brand new recordings from two Polish black / death metal hordes. Songs of strength and the heathen past are carried into the present and accompanied by blazing guitars and blasting drums. The Slavonic blood of both bands flows through with strikes to the very pillars of the modern age.


Track listing

  1. Abusiveness - Wola mocy
  2. Abusiveness - Alraune
  3. Abusiveness - ...dla wolnych duchów...
  4. Abusiveness - Under the Guillotine (Kreator cover)
  5. Saltus - W imię bogów
  6. Saltus - Na śmierć ku przeznaczeniu życia
  7. Saltus - Gdy bogowie światem rządzili
  8. Saltus - Chyląc czoło ku przeszłości
  9. Saltus - Twoja krew