Acarash - Descend to Purity (CD)

Acarash - Descend to Purity (CD)

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With a sound that feels as if it emerged not just from Oslo, but from the depths of one of the city's burial crypts, ACÂRASH presents their latest dark creation Descend to Purity - an album that embraces the true Norwegian tradition, whilst managing to forge a sound that blends hard rock together with black metal. It is a sound in which esoteric poetry and ritualistic contemplation are central to the music, and mirror the nuances in both sound and musical contrasts.


Track listing

  1. Descend to Purity
  2. Satanic Obsession
  3. Desecrate. Liberate
  4. Goat, Skull, Ritual Circle
  5. Below Ceremonial
  6. Three Knives Cold
  7. Steel Hunter
  8. Red Stone Betrayal