Adorior - Author of Incest (CD) Adorior - Author of Incest (CD)

Adorior - Author of Incest (CD)

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Brutal British black metal! The band's most recent album from 2005.

2nd album from UK's ADORIOR. The worlds only & most depraved FIST METAL band! An hour of rape & perversion. Cover artwork & cruelty by Paul McCarroll. Recorded at Necromorbus studios on the 24th of December 2004. FUCK OFF YOU CUNTS YOU MAKE US WANT TO PUKE OUR FUCKING GUTS OUT!


Track listing

  1. Hater of Fucking Humans
  2. Ritualised Combat (Sin Sin Sin)
  3. Birth of Disease
  4. Behold Barbarity
  5. Split a Lamb
  6. Author of Incest
  7. Vitriolic Megalomaniac
  8. Iron Blood (Ferrym Sanguen)
  9. Conjuring Malignant Evil