Altaar - Altaar (Digipak CD)

Altaar - Altaar (Digipak CD)

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Norwegian doom / drone metal with members of OBLITERATION and ONE TAIL ONE HEAD!


Track listing

  1. Tidi kjem aldri att
  2. Dei absolutte krav og den absolutte nåde
  3. Singing Aura Lea (The Lionheart Brothers cover) Bonus


The funereal keys are carried over to the second part, "Dei Absolutte Krav Og Den Absolutte Nade". The tension mounts until it explodes into a burst of pitch-black post-sludge. Even though the atmosphere feels both oppressive and nihilistic, Altaar never regress into pure chaos. Every chord and noise have a distinct feeling of careful deliberation. The aftermath is a menacing drone that crawls back into the dark pit from whence it came, shrouded in a nebula of distortion, fading out with another somber guitar-piece. - 4/5