Anthrax - All for the Cause (LP)

Anthrax - All for the Cause (LP)

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Because this is it, there is no more
No higher plane, just sod's law
A different vein but the same old score

The first full-length album by anarchist punks Anthrax! Released thirty-two years after forming, and following One Last Drop - the 2011 single, which was the first new material since 1983!

Gatefold cover, A2 full colour poster and a 16 page booklet!


Track listing

  1. Sleeping Dogs
  2. Monochrome Dream
  3. One Last Drop
  4. Happy
  5. Grin
  6. What Does it Matter
  7. Running on Empty
  8. Abracadabra
  9. Welcome
  10. Another
  11. We Don't Sing
  12. We Stood Alone Together
  13. Hunger Pains


Anthrax have obviously worked on these songs and it shows, this is certainly no one dimensional album as many are these days and this is not a band trying to be like the band they were. Anthrax are being the band they want to be and this album oozes with that. Anyone expecting old school Anthrax from start to finish will be disappointed, this is something new and refreshing from an old school anarcho band. Anthrax have certainly matured with age without losing their sound or their integrity. - 5/5