Arcanegoat - De Profundis (CD)

Arcanegoat - De Profundis (CD)

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The debut by the austere and esoteric one-man band ARCANEGOAT, De Profundis, is the first ever doom-metal / traditional heavy-metal piece ever released in the mainland of China.
The lyrics are mainly extracts from the Austrian poet Georg Trakl (1887-1914). In the album, the solid and massive sound marches along with the delicate and smooth transition, which creates an incredible idyllic sight. One would be enchanted with a twofold hallucination of human society-nature world, which tastes of a smoldered bitterness in the mouth.


Track listing

  1. All Souls Day
  2. Evening Song
  3. The Young Maid
  4. Dream of Evil
  5. De Profundis
  6. Winter Twilight
  7. In a Deserted Room
  8. Reaching Evening, Touching Night
  9. Here Comes Winter...