Aska - Dar vanvett gror (CD)

Aska - Dar vanvett gror (CD)

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Debut full-lengther from Aska. After one demo and two splits mainman Pisk of Aska unleashes his most punishing work to date. With lyrics working around drug abuse and hatred fueled together with a violent production and sound, makes this the most complete Aska recording to date. This is not aimed to please your ears, you will not feel good when listening to this macabre and twisted journey into Pisk's tormented mind, there's only agony and hatred to be found here.


Track listing

  1. Undergang
  2. Nattsaga
  3. Dar Vanvett Gror
  4. Draken
  5. Manifest
  6. Messias
  7. Drogepilog


When was the last time you heard a black metal debut that was raw? No, like really, really raw and in your face, but nonetheless listenable and appealing? There are seldom productions on which the lo-fi factor is particulary beneficial to the actual music. Apparently there was one such release last year from a one-man band under the name of Aska... - 4/5