Atrox - Monocle (CD)

Atrox - Monocle (CD)

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The Norwegian band ATROX have always been something different within the metal scene. Starting off in 1990 in Trondheim from the ashes of the death metal band SUFFOCATION, they could easily be labeled as a melodic doom metal band. After the debut Mesmerized in 1997, the band transformed and came back with new members and a totally new sound in 2000 with Contentum. Over the years, more members have changed and their style have progressed for each album. Now, with Monocle, their first album since 2008's Binocular, they've finetuned their highly progressive, experimental and industrial sound, and are back with full force. Monocle shows a darker side of the band, with more epic and atmospheric elements than earlier. At the same time, there are some extremely catchy and upbeat parts throughtout the album, cementing the unique and special sound Atrox have. It's safe to say they've again progressed further, building on the rich musical legacy of the band since their beginning.


Track listing

  1. Mass
  2. Vacuum
  3. Heat
  4. Finger
  5. Suicide Days
  6. For We Are Many
  7. Movie
  8. Target


...there really is no real weak points on the album in my ears. I usually dislike comparing bands, or artist, to one another, but I think I'm on safe ground if I say that fans of bands like Leprous, Arcturus, Madder Mortem, or Ihsahn might really enjoy Monocle. The same will anyone looking for challenging, unexampled, yet ultimately rewarding music. - 5/5