Beissert - Darkness Devil Death (CD) Beissert - Darkness Devil Death (CD)

Beissert - Darkness Devil Death (CD)

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Prepare for some ugly war between coarse rock and pounding metal, as five of the finest saxon gents are ready to pull it off. After they lost the half of their cast, BSSRT and BLDG jettisoned a lot of burden as well as some cheesiness, crawled down to their inner abysses and rose up filled with darker hearts, blacker thoughts and grimmer battle hymns, flavoured with tons of madness, dirt, catchiness and roaring chorus.


Track listing

  1. Thy Chthonic Cathedral
  2. DarknessDevilDeath
  3. Age ov Darkness
  4. Zorn der Geister
  5. My Path Shall Be Your Wrath
  6. Perm Trias
  7. I Am the Lore
  8. Do What Thou Wilt
  9. DXXXV
  10. De Profundis Clamavi
  11. Die diamantenen Tore der Hoelle (Polaris)