Beyond Belief - Towards the Diabolical Experiment (2016 Reissue) (LP)

Beyond Belief - Towards the Diabolical Experiment (2016 Reissue) (LP)

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Early 90's dutch doom / death metal gem gets re-issued, TROUBLE-esque sorrow & misery! It is the early 90's, death metal's finest years are celebrated, the genre is young, fresh and inventive. And the Dutch scene is reaching its pinnacle, one band after the other gets signed and releases classic albums. Together with the U.S.-scene, the U.K.-scene and the Swedish scene the Dutch reign supreme. And when everyone decides to go faster and more brutal, there is always the exception to go against the stream. Enter BEYOND BELIEF, from Kampen, the Netherlands. Started back in 1986, as a side project of Robbie Woning (DEAD HEAD) and A.J. van Drenth (later active in ASPHYX, now EXTREME COLD WINTER), and completed by Ronnie Vanderwey (DEAD HEAD, ex-ASPHYX) and Jacko Westendorp to become a slow, heavy and doomy band. Where old death metal and real doom metal (think TROUBLE and CANDLEMASS) meet, and almost opposite to DEAD HEAD's aggressive, intense & fast Thrash approach.

In 1993 Towards the Diabolical Experiment is released, a true masterpiece of heaviness, sadness and depression. A stand out album that mixes death metal's vocals and esthetics with TROUBLE's doom metal guitars. Produced by Tim Buktu (MASSACRA, GOREFEST, PROTECTOR) at T&T Studios it benefits from a timeless sound that is still relevant.


Track listing

  1. Intro: Ave
  2. Shapes of Sorrow
  3. Stranded
  4. The Experiment
  5. The Nameless
  6. Silent Are the Holy
  7. Fade Away
  8. Untouched
  9. Prophetic Countdown
  10. Kissing in XTC
  11. The Finishing Touch
  12. Outro: Never