Beyond Dawn - The Righteous Underground (Digipak CD)

Beyond Dawn - The Righteous Underground (Digipak CD)

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This release compiles a huge amount of unreleased BEYOND DAWN material, spanning the Norwegians' entire illustrious career - from the Pity Love debut and up until and including their last album, Frysh. Alternative versions / mixes, unreleased songs, demos, live tracks and so on, comprising more than two hours of rare, or in most cases never before heard BEYOND DAWN material.


Track listing

  1. I Am a Drug (alternative mix)
  2. Breathe the Jackal (demo)
  3. Chains (demo)
  4. Dream Power Fading (demo)
  5. Three Steps for the Chameleon (demo)
  6. Stuck (demo)
  7. Resemblance (demo)
  8. When Beauty Dies (original version)
  9. Storm (demo)
  10. Alice (The Sisters of Mercy cover) (live)
  11. Life's Sweetest Reward (live)
  12. I Am a Drug (demo)
  13. Strange Relief (the new men remix) (edit)
  14. 26 On 26 (demo)
  15. Increasing the Gravity (alternative mix)
  16. Sun Coming Up (demo)
  17. Cigarette (alternative mix)
  18. Certain Qualities (alternative mix)
  19. Aagé (alternative mix)
  20. Addictions Are Private (alternative mix)
  21. Maybe Deeper (live)
  22. The Right People (live)
  23. Facing the Animals (rehearsal)
  24. Far From Showbiz (rehearsal)
  25. Among the Sedatives (verbose mix)