Beyond Life - Blackened Sky (CD) Beyond Life - Blackened Sky (CD)

Beyond Life - Blackened Sky (CD)

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BEYOND LIFE is Polish dark ambient project with huge depressive black metal influences, created in 2009 by G.H. - main lyricist and composer. His concepts are delivered to life in darkscapes of disturbing ambient works, with additional guitars performed by A. (GURTHANG) and drums played by N.W. (NIBELHEIM MOONLIGHT). Blackened Sky is the first full-length, after 4 years of existence. Containing terrifying, suicidal atmospheres, this album differs from pure dark ambient, through sludge, to depressive black metal. Guest vocals and mastering by Deha from YHDARL / IMBER LUMINIS.


Track listing

  1. Blackened Sky
  2. Sickness of Humanity
  3. Post-Apocalypse Now
  4. When the Sun Becomes Black
  5. Wasteland Blues
  6. Hollow Ground