Big Country - The Seer (CD) Big Country - The Seer (CD)

Big Country - The Seer (CD)

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Digitally remastered 1996 reissue on Mercury of their third album for the label, originally released in 1986 and now with four unmarked bonus tracks: Song Of The South, Look Away(12" Mix), One Great Thing (Disco Mix) and Giant. Over 67 minutes long, it contains a total of 14 tracks, also including the singles Look Away, The Teacher, Eiledon and One Great Thing.


Track listing

  1. Look Away
  2. The Seer
  3. The Teacher
  4. I Walk the Hill
  5. Eiledon
  6. One Great Thing
  7. Hold the Heart
  8. Remembrance Day
  9. The Red Fox
  10. Sailor
  11. Song of the South
  12. Look Away (12" Mix)
  13. One Great Thing (Disco Mix)
  14. Giant