Blasphemous Putrefaction - Abominable Premonition (CD)

Blasphemous Putrefaction - Abominable Premonition (CD)

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Taken deep from a tomb of a german graveyard... Doom bringing Death Metal with member of GOATBLOOD. BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION walk the paths of long forgotten, Doom rotten Death Metal in the vein of the ancient... The GOATBLOOD-member Satanic Death Vulva (vocals, guitars) teams up with Tar Morion (drums): This first demo, Abominable Premonition, is bloodcurdling. It is an unbelievably rotten studio recording, which has also been mixed by Deathroned Production (Germany). The artwork, done by Grasenstyle Blood Artwork is a glimpse of what is waiting inside...!


Track listing

  1. Open the Grave
  2. Grotesque Grave Rape
  3. Fumes of Horror
  4. Carnal Lust
  5. Blood of Rotten Lambs