Blasphmachine - Salvation (Digipak CD)

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Sinister, intense black/death metal, with an extra flavour of spirituality of eastern Asian cults and rites. With brute force, yet on a high technical level this ep crushes every doubt of the underground being alive!

There are some demos that consume you whole. Those things befall the listener, absorb him and leave him with no idea what has happened in the meantime. This is what happens listening to Salvation by BLASPHEMACHINE, hailing from Malaysia.

In a nutshell, an image of bloodcult and destruction is created which offers such a high level of occult energy that it's going to be hard to match in Black/Death Metal. Of course there are some influences reminding of the likes of DIOCLETIAN, WEAPON, WITCHRIST or REVENGE, but the level of technique and brutality whilst keeping the atmosphere in mind is unmatched.


Track listing

  1. Temple of Desolation
  2. Malleus, Maleficarum
  3. Heathen Fire
  4. The Beast Among Men
  5. Commandments
  6. The Last Chants of Priests
  7. Leviathan Bonus
  8. Into Damnation Eternal (Black Witchery cover) Bonus

Review of those nasty, South East Asian bands that seem to be infected with the most vile musical disease. It's similar to the strain that absorbs South American black metallers into channeling Bathory's earliest work through Blasphemy, Weapon and Hellhammer to create an unholy cacophony of pure evil. Their debut full length clocks in at a mere 26 minutes, but its probably some of the nastiest shit you'll hear all year. - 4/5