Blodsrit - Diktat Deliberi (Digipak CD)

Blodsrit - Diktat Deliberi (Digipak CD)

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Swedish black metal.


Track listing

  1. Livsbesmittad
  2. Skapelseforfall
  3. Blod och Aska
  4. Vit Skit
  5. Ulvens Tid
  6. Evangeli
  7. I Evighet
  8. Ritual


...Everything melds perfectly: clean intros and breaks, dirty winding chord progression, some experimental drum work - it's almost flawless to the point of being flawed. Alas, BLODSRIT may have overreached its mark for quality a little in this release - perhaps providing some dispute as to if it could really be fully considered black metal when it sounds like a high budget release. Though, I implore, that if you're strictly keeping yourself to dusty old 'in-the-closet' production values - you may be missing out if you aren't giving Diktat Deliberi a chance. - 4/5