Bloodoline - Storm and Brilliance (CD)

Bloodoline - Storm and Brilliance (CD)

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Spanish black/death metal, debut from 2004/2005 which has been described as a mix of VOIVOD and ZYKLON-B!


Track listing

  1. Necrorder
  2. Warlike Spirit
  3. Interlude I
  4. Unity to Oneness
  5. 133 Before Death
  6. What Never Was Dead
  7. Triumph of Death I
  8. Aeon's End
  9. Triumph of Death II
  10. Vicious Torment
  11. Interlude II
  12. Nihil Storm
  13. Brilliance in the Eternal Darkness


...a strong dose of the old-school roots gives the band firm roots and good credibility to a band that could be seen as genuinely boundary pushing. - 4/5