Bombangrepp - Forradd av Samhallet (EP)

Bombangrepp - Forradd av Samhallet (EP)

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BOMBANGREPP: Really amazing crustpunk from Trollhattan / Gothenburg, Sweden. Intense, raw and a kick in the face hard-as-hell crustpunk. The song "Nitpunk", is one of the best songs in crustpunk-Sweden during 2013. Never before has a band been so fucking pissed off on their debut single. Amazing crustpunk that should earn a spot right to Totalt javla morker and SKITSYSTEM in every record collection!


Track listing

  1. Sjuk, kuvad, utforsakrad
  2. Fas 3
  3. Panoptikon
  4. Ansvarsbefriad idiot
  5. Abortfragan
  6. Lard att frukta
  7. Skanda
  8. Nitpunk
  9. Inbillad lycka


While I listen to this EP I tend to think it sounds quite like a slower Krigshot on some of the songs while other songs tend to slow down the tempo a bit and reminds me of early and a less metallic Skitsystem. - 3/5