Cainan Dawn - Nibiru (Digipak CD)

Cainan Dawn - Nibiru (Digipak CD)

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Debut album of highly epic occult black metal from France. The band is composed of Heruforod (vox, guitars), Sorghal on guitars (Nehemah), Hjoldr on drums & Keithan on bass. Nibiru will appeal to all fans of Scandinavian black metal while influences of the old Satyricon shows here and there, yet with a more modern approach.


Track listing

  1. Noen
  2. Masticatione Mortuorum
  3. Forsaken
  4. The Advent
  5. Deep Hollow
  6. Heroes of Old
  7. Edge of Ziggurat
  8. By my Oath (Bound to Darkness)