Charles Manson - The Hallways of the Always (LP)

Charles Manson - The Hallways of the Always (LP)

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Songs about struggle against cowardice, stupidity and lies. Recorded at Vacaville Medical Facility.


Track listing

  1. Introduction
  2. The Hallways of the AlwaysA Peace in Your Heart
  3. Give Your Love (To Be Free) / ATWA / The Hallways of the Always (Reprise) / Searchlight Dreams / Down in the Nuremberg / Father in the Universal Sky
  4. Down in Dixieland
  5. Monologue
  6. Walking Through Forever
  7. Reflections
  8. A Tribute to Hank Williams
  9. Be Free (Be to Be Free)
  10. Shakespeare's Clown
  11. Hobo's Lament
  12. Yellow Blues
  13. The Spaceman
  14. A Peace in Your Heart (Reprise)
  15. I'm Free Now