Chortoryi - The Hunters (Мисливці) (CD) Chortoryi - The Hunters (Мисливці) (CD)

Chortoryi - The Hunters (Мисливці) (CD)

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Sept 27 1988-July 7, 2022
R.I.P. one half of ЧОРТОРИЙ (CHORTORYI): Олефіренко Євген Валерійович (Yevhen Valerijovych Olefirenko). 1st lieutenant, Armed Forces of Ukraine. Fought and defended the areas near Mykolaiv, Lysychansk, and finally Bakhmut, Donetsk region. Posthumously received the Орден "За мужність" (Order "For Courage" III degree).

The beauty of traditional acoustic string with strong black metal backbone.
This project started in Kyiv, Ukraine, back in 2007, and after 15 years, it was completed in the middle of 2022, during the peak of the war.
The music of the band can be characterized as atmospheric black metal with a folk influence. The album is filled with various moods, emotions of the compositions are demonstrated from sorrowful to wildly joyful, from distressful to delightful and rejoicing. The authentic sound of folk string instruments is suitable for both slow, melancholic riffs and lively, cheerful moments. This symbiosis is generously played out by various types of acoustic guitars. Tragic melodies are sometimes followed by sharp and dynamic parts, and the variety of vocal performances (from shriek and classical harsh vocals to clean choir) emphasizes the originality of the music.
The lyrics of the album tell about ancient mystical dark stories drawn from folklore and folk beliefs. Some verses belong to dissident poets who dedicated their lives to the battle for freedom. They speak of the indomitability of the spirit and the fight for liberation.


Track listing

  1. Ми йдем!
  2. Чорторий
  3. Місяць?
  4. Мисливці
  5. Ода до прийдешнього
  6. Вірш душі
  7. Крик в чорноті