Cirith Gorgor - Bi den dode hant (CD)

Cirith Gorgor - Bi den dode hant (CD)

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From the Past comes the Storm! CIRITH GORGOR's origin and roots go deep back into time, and can be traced back to the beginnings of the Dutch black metal scene. With their debut demo Mystic Legends CIRITH GORGOR gets noticed, and soon legendary French label Osmose Productions makes a deal with these Dutch devil worshippers. CIRITH GORGOR become the name in the quickly rising Dutch black metal scene. In those earlier years of Cirith Gorgor the band releases two classics, but by the beginning of the 21st century a conscious return to the underground starts to make them less visible.


Track listing

  1. Proclamation of Destruction
  2. The Luciferian Principle
  3. Bi den dode hant
  4. A Vision of Exalted Lucifer