Coffins - Perpetual Penance (2LP)

Coffins - Perpetual Penance (2LP)

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Killer Japanese death metal! Collects the Colossal Hole cassette, "Reborn" flexi, and Live in Japan 10" along with COFFINS' side from splits with: NOOTHGRUSH, MACABRA, SOURVEIN, WARHAMMER, DISGRACE, HOODED MENACE, STORMCROW.


Track listing

  1. Hellbringer (Demo Version)
  2. No Saviour (Demo Version)
  3. Colossal Hole (Demo Version)
  4. Drowned in Revelation
  5. The Wretched Path
  6. Reborn
  7. Grotesque Messiah (Extended Version)
  8. Axes of Vengeance
  9. Till Dawn of the Doomsday
  10. Grotesque Messiah
  11. In Bloody Sewage
  12. The Black Fog of Burning Flesh
  13. Slaughter of Gods '09
  14. Till Dawn of the Doomsday (Live)
  15. Grotesque Messiah (Live)
  16. In Bloody Sewage (Live)