Cor Scorpii - Ruin (CD)

Cor Scorpii - Ruin (CD)

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Step into a world where ruins are monuments, and where epic and soaring melodies blend seamlessly with the harshness of extreme metal with the release of the sophomore album from the Norwegian melodic extreme metal band COR SCORPII. Ruin, the result of a lengthy, and at time arduous, songwriting process, draws its inspiration from classical music, folk melodies and the soundscapes of Nordic extreme metal and is the follow up to the critically acclaimed debut Monument. This time the band also introduces instruments atypical in metal, such as the accordion and the mandolin, revealing hidden talents amongst the band members. COR SCORPII was founded in 2004 as an offshoot from the legendary WINDIR, and during the 10 years since the release of their debut album, the band has seen the arrival of a new lead guitarist Erlend Nybø (FUNERAL).


Track listing

  1. Svart blod (Hovmod står for fall)
  2. Hjarteorm
  3. Skuggevandrar
  4. Fotefar
  5. Helveteskap
  6. Ri di mare
  7. Ærelaus
  8. Siste dans