Cristalys - Sureminence (CD)

Cristalys - Sureminence (CD)

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Sureminence is the February 2009 debut album from French pagan metal band CRISTALYS.
The new material continues to improve on the previous releases, in sound (studio recorded during June of 2008) and craftsmanship.
Comparisons can be drawn with CRYSTALIUM's De Aeternitate Commando for their shared heritage and an excellent combination of raw aggression and epic, soaring song writing. This is a great first album!
Comes with 16 page booklet.


Track listing

  1. Hymne
  2. Gardiens & conquérants
  3. Gallus Malleus
  4. Par le lys, les armes, la bannière et le sang
  5. Force & honneur
  6. Parcium Transsapinarum Wayvoda
  7. Baise ma hache
  8. Kaiser Barbarossa
  9. Suprématie Carolingienne
  10. Cent jours pour mille ans