Defy the Curse - Horrors of Human Sacrifice (2CD)

Defy the Curse - Horrors of Human Sacrifice (2CD)

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Bonus disc includes the debut EP Defy the Curse!

Crust infested blisteringly bone crunching HM-2 death metal from the Lowlands! Former members of COLLISION, CAUTERIZE, INHUME, THE GUILT PARADE, MANGLED and LEGION OF THE DAMNED reunited in 2016. All from well-known acts from the North Limburg region, they found each other in their "old love doesn't rust" for crust infested old school death metal! Raging buzzsaw guitars and raunchy vocals are spat out at a rapid pace, mixed with a grooving rhythm section for maximum impact. DEFY THE CURSE is suffocating in its grooves and rousing and extremely headbangable at its fastest.


Track listing

  1. Leading into the Realm of Torment
  2. Existence Consumed
  3. The Tower of Suffering
  4. Endless Curse
  5. Swarms
  6. The Oppressor
  7. Horrors of Human Sacrifice
  8. Eidolon of the Blind
  9. Desolate Void
  10. Serpent Cult
  11. Panopticon
  12. Dreameater
  13. Disdain
  14. The Messiah Complex
  15. Oblivion
  16. Progress to Nonetheless
  17. Obsolete